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                       Frequently Asked Questions About Registering for a Workshop.


1. Why should I pay a fee for this workshop when other workshops are free?


The difference about our workshop is the quality of the presentation and the trainer's ability to

communicate interactively with the audience.  If you are taking the time to attend a training seminar

you want to know your time will be well spent.  Many instructors may know (most) of the content

of the topic but they are unable to teach the subject to a diverse audience, because they occasionally

conduct a workshop.  Mike does three or more workshop a week.  He is able to adapt the point or

concept to the experiences of the audience and use examples to clarify to audience's understanding.  

He is a certified special education teacher, a previous administrator of a large vocational rehabilitation

service and has conducted over 1,800 training seminars. He knows how to teach these topics in

"Plain English."


To benefit from a training seminar, you should be able to apply the information immediately in your

work.  Previous audiences have been able to do exactly that.  Many professionals return repeatedly

to our workshops to enhance their knowledge and refine their skills.


We have offered a money back guarantee for over 8 years - that you will learn new information at the

workshop - and no one has requested a refund to date. 


2.  When is the last day to register for a workshop?


We accept registrations until seating capacity is reached.  We highly recommend you fax in your

registration to reserve a seat and then send (or bring) your payment for the workshop.  If your

organization has a lengthy approval process for your registration, you may wish to fax in the

registration form to hold a seat.  You can always cancel the reservation if approval is not given. 

You must cancel the registration by fax or e-mail prior to the workshop to avoid

expected payment for a reserved seat.


3. Can I switch locations after I register?


Yes, provided there is space available at the desired location.  Contact us by phone or fax.


4. You offer one free registration for every three paying registrations.  Can

they attend at different locations? 


Yes, but the four people must attend the same type of workshop.  The free registration offer is not

valid for two or more different workshops.  For example: three attending the "Benefits and

Employment in 2007" and one attending "Beyond the Basics" is not covered under

the offer.  These are two entirely different workshops.


5.  Is lunch provided at a workshop?


No.  Lunch is on-your-own.  We will note on the schedule when there is an exception.


6.  What is the proper attire at the workshop?


You should dress comfortably, jeans and sneakers are fine - and bring a sweater. 


7.  When is the registration fee expected?


Payment may be sent prior to the workshop or brought to the workshop.  We can also bill

after a workshop is complete, but we require a purchase order number at the time of registration.

If your payment is made by credit card, we will not charge the workshop fee to the account until

the workshop is conducted.


8. Who should we make the check payable to? 


     Benefits Training and Consulting


9.  Can you accept payment by credit card at the workshop?


No.  We do not bring the equipment to the workshop to perform the transaction.


10. Do you offer Continuing Education Credits (or similar credits)?


There are a wide variety of credentialing groups, some specific to a state.  Most of these

services require each of the workshops to be certified separately, thus it becomes cost-

prohibitive to accomplish this and still keep the registration fee within reasonable limits. 

We will provide a customer, upon request, 1) a certificate of attendance; 2) course outline

and contact hours; and 3) speaker's bio.  In the past, this approach has usually been

sufficient for the person to submit and receive credit from their credentialing agency.


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