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                            Customer Comments About Our Training Seminars


Betsy W., Abilities Network, MD

"Fastastic! Thanks. This is the first time I have truely understood SSA work incentives ..."


John H., Grand Rapids, MI

"Excellent Information. Informative and to the point. Great use of time and facilitation of material."


Henne P. Knox County Board of MR/DD, MI

"I really enjoyed this workshop!"


Norma C., Shelby County Board of MR/DD, OH

" Thank you for providing clear, understandable information. I think that I have a better

understanding of the system."


Tara M., ResCare of Oklahoma, OK

"This is the most thorough workshop I have attended on SSA benefits. The instructor

explained things on a basic level so that the information was easier to understand."


Sitka S.

"Just a quick note to say thank you for a superb training seminar. Your seminar really helped

me to conceptualize better how employment affects consumer's benefits and how to address

their fears and concerns in regards to these changes. Thank you so much. I look forward to

future seminars with you!"


Harry H., Summit County MR/DD, OH

"After four years of SSA inservices, I actually walked away understanding how to help my

clients better."


Stacey R., Community Services Supervisor, City Of Irvine, CA

"I wanted to thank you for putting on such a informative and educational workshop. The

workshop evaluations clearly reflected the excellence of your presentation. Your information

clearly made a difference for the participants. Look forward to working with you again."


Pat T., Macon, GA

" Excellent, Excellent, Excellent !!! It was extremely informative, yet interesting. I found the

presenter very conscientious, well prepared. He strategically kept the interest of the class."


Carol S., NVUSD, NV

"Thank you – I have been to other SSA trainings and gave up understanding the material

after a half hour. You kept us all interested throughout the training. Terrific!!"


Alice B., Challenge Unlimited, IL

"Excellent., I feel so much more equipped to answer my client’s questions."


Marina H., Worksource Florida, Jacksonville, FL

"I just had to let you know (a tad late) that the training you did in Jacksonville was FANTASTIC!!!

It was one of top 2 trainings I have been to in the last 10 years. Lots of information and

VALUABLE resources and the fact that you knew contacts and how the system worked was

most impressive!! If I ever see your name again for a training I will make sure that I get to attend!!!"


Carrie D.



John C., Work Source, Jacksonville, FL

"I have learned more today than I have in the last two years on the job!"


Beth S., University of Florida

"Information was excellent, pace of course was good, handouts are excellent."


Jon G., Salt Lake City, UT

"You really have the most complete and accurate information on disability insurance

and income, compared with at least a dozen other seminars I have attended the past

few years."


Janice L., Montgomery, AL

"Mike, I wanted to let you know I really appreciated the workshop in Montgomery

on 2/15 on the new Social Security work incentives and federal legislation. I tend to

learn more interactively and also appreciated your giving us the opportunity for input.

Most of all, I understood everything you said."


Connie B., New Haven, CT.

"I attended the conference you presented in New Haven, CT. Thank you for a

fascinating and comprehensive overview of Social Security programs. It helped to

clarify many questions I had."


Jean D., Manchester, NH

"Talk about the morning after....I wanted to let you know how informative

the workshop you did yesterday at the Center of NH in Manchester was. Other

presenters I've heard on this subject of " benefits' seem to look at it as

each consumer should sort of play the game and maintain themselves in their

current situation. Knowing your options and being able to make an informed

choice doesn't seem to happen as frequently as it could.

Your information was great...mind boggling but great. You have the capacity

to present all of this in very understandable way and actually make

it enjoyable!!!!! "


Ina Engel, The Arc-King County, Seattle, WA

"Thanks for a great training. You made Social Security more understandable

than it has ever been, despite many, many other trainings."


Olivia H., Hot Springs, AR

"I had the opportunity to go to your seminar on SSA and benefits enhancement

in Hot Springs, Arkansas this year. It has made a lasting impression on me

and have passed your literature on to countless individuals and families."


Susan M., Sharonville, OH

"I attended your inservice in Sharonville, OH, just wanted to let you know it was

very informative, you have a natural way of explaining it so that people actually

understand. Thank you."


K Jones, Community Connections, Inc., Fall River, MA

"I just wanted to thank you for the SSI training you did for us in Fall
River. I have received a lot of positive feed back from parents and
providers that attended."


Carol R., The Arc of Amador, CA

"I attended your training in Modesto, CA last month. It was one of the best trainings,

I've ever been to."


Sent by Sandra Stein, MHIS/Administration,

Clackamas County Mental Health, Oregon City, OR

The following are some of the comments from the evaluation forms requested by

National Association of Social Workers following the staff training.  (80+ people)

"This was one of the best! Thanks"

"Very nice organization"

"Great info - great presenter"

"Best content/Presenter in the last 5+ years"

"Wow" learned a lot. A great instructor, very knowledgeable...he knew everything...

great great great"

"This was the best workshop I've been to in years. Thanks"

"Valuable workshop"

"Excellent! Thank you! So much info and diminishing capacity to retain it all.

Would like it repeated in 2 sessions"

"Is this, or has this training been offered to volunteer Rep payee program and

Social services + SSD workers"


Scale of responses could have ranged from 1 (poor) 3 (average) 5 (superior)

The majority of responses rated all areas either a 4 or 5, with more folks indicating

(5) Superior in all areas across the board (ABOUT 90%).


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